Taucu (Fermented Yellow Soybean Paste) – All You Need to Know

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Taucu fermented Yellow Soybean Paste

Ancient recipes are delicious, versatile, and highly nutritious.

One of the most employed methods used by the ancient people in making their traditional cuisines and dishes is fermentation; this process is a great way to make the best out of foods and increase their nutritional potency.

One of the great products of this method and procedure is the Taucu fermented yellow soybean paste. In this article, we will be telling you about this special sauce and what it tastes like, as well as some of the various recipes for preparing it, so keep reading.

Introduction to Taucu and its Origin

Taucu, Tauco, or Tauchu is a paste made from the preservation and fermentation of yellow soybeans. This product is common in Malaysian, Indonesian, and Chinese recipes.

You must boil soybeans, ground them, mix them with flour and leave them to ferment to make Taucu. Following this, you must soak the soy paste in saltwater and have it sun-dried for at least a week, this is a continuation of the fermentation process, it must be done until the paste turns yellow-reddish.

Taucu has its origin from Southeast Asia, Indonesia to be precise. It is commonly used by the Chinese, Indonesians, Malaysians, Singaporeans, Javanese, and others in the region for flavoring stir-fried foods and other cuisines.

How does Taucu taste like?

Taucu is used for adding Flavour to food. Most times It has a mild and salty flavor, with the umami-rich punch of fermented soybeans.

However, different recipes may have extra ingredients that would give a tastier and spicier Flavour. But overall, it mostly tastes like fermented soybeans.

Taucu vs Ground Bean Sauce

They are both manufactured with soybeans and they both have a similar appearance. Each has a somewhat different flavor profile, yet they have aspects that are difficult to define without tasting them side by side.

One remarkable difference we can note or spot is that ground beans have extra ingredients and seasonings which are sugar, sesame oil, spices, etc because it is literally a sauce.  It also has a deeper color and is typically made with more fermented wheat flour rather than soybeans.

Taucu vs Black Bean Paste

While we have agreed on the similarities that these pastes share, we have also noted that there could be differences between them as well.

Taucu and Black bean paste are both made from grounded and fermented soybeans, however, the significant difference here is that black bean paste is made from black soybean, also known as “douchi” in Chinese. While Taucu is made from yellow soybeans.

Popular Taucu recipes

Taucu is used in making different kinds of food, and this has brought about different delicious Taucu recipes.

Here is a list of some popular ones:

In conclusion, Taucu paste is very good for flavoring and savoring foods and dishes. You can make or purchase one from the store, to have a personal experience of its goodness.


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