Wooden Spatula 101 – Everything You Need to Know

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wooden spatula

Today, there is almost no kitchen that doesn’t contain a wooden spatula. Wooden spoons and spatulas are widely used to measure, eat and cook food. However, if you are new to this route and want to know what makes a wooden spatula the best choice for your kitchen, read on.

What is a wooden spatula, and what is it made from?

A wooden spatula is an essential cooking utensil with a wide, flat edge made out of wood. It is used to lift and flip food ingredients during cooking, such as pancakes and fillets.

Nowadays, you can easily find wooden spatulas in the store and they come in all sizes and shapes.

A wooden spatula can be made out of any hardwood, most commonly, they are made of birch, aspen, maple, and bamboo. Birch is durable and lasts longer. Coniferous trees aren’t suitable due to their sticky resin and characteristic scent.

What are wooden spatulas used for and when to use them?

Wooden spatulas are versatile and are commonly used for cooking in the kitchen. A wooden spatula can help you to perform various kitchen and cooking tasks. The three core functions of a wooden spatula include stirring, turning/flipping and scraping ingredients in a pan or wok. A wooden spatula can also be used to mix ingredients, stir sauces, and cook flavorful foods.

Wooden spatulas have a long history. However, their versatility and durability are what make them perfect to use for cooking.

Why use a wooden spatula?

Here are the benefits of using a wooden spatula:

  • A wooden spatula is soft thus it can prevent from scratching the delicate finish of your non-stick utensils.
  • The wooden spatula doesn’t conduct heat easily. If you left your wooden spatula in a hot pot for too long while cooking, still it won’t burn your hands on touching that.
  • Wood is a non-reactive material and will not leach harmful elements into your food.
  • A wooden spatula is reasonably durable and will not melt or burn quickly, unlike a plastic spatula.
  • Holding a wooden spatula is always comfortable. It will feel nice while cooking with a wooden spatula.
  • Last but not least, wooden spatulas are environmentally friendly.

How to use a wooden spatula correctly?

Here are the tips for using your wooden spatula correctly and for enhancing their durability in the best possible way:

  • Clean your wooden spatula properly with hot, soapy water. Use a sponge to clean leftovers thoroughly.
  • Sand your wooden spatula when they are damp.
  • Before season them, sanitize your wooden spatula properly.
  • Clean your wooden spatula after every use.

Why do wooden spatulas have holes in them?

Just like other spatulas, a wooden spatula sometimes has holes in them. Holes in the wooden spatula are designed for you to stir through stews and soups with less resistance from the liquid. You can quickly stir or scrape through the bottom of the pot without disturbing the content. The holes also allow you to drain out any ingredients from the liquid soup.

How to wash a wooden spatula?

To wash your wooden spatula, you need to use detergent to clean your wooden spatula properly. To remove all the leftover food from your wooden spatula, use a sponge while cleaning your spatula. It is also recommended to soak the wooden spatula in hot water to sanitize it, this also helps to drain out any oil or residue sauces that were absorbed into the wooden surface.

Avoid keeping your wooden spatula with sauces or food sticking on it for too long after using it. Bacteria can easily develop on the wooden surface. Instead, make sure to wash it thoroughly as quickly as possible when you don’t need to use it anymore.

Can you put a wooden spatula into the dishwasher?

When it is about to wash your wooden spatula into a dishwasher, it is highly recommended to avoid washing it into a dishwasher. Your wooden utensils should never go into a dishwasher. It is because exposing a wooden spatula to high moisture and heat for a long washing cycle can warp, splinter, or break it, eventually.

Therefore, it is always better to use a gentle soap and handwash your wooden spatula.

How to remove oil from a wooden spatula?

For this, leave your oily wooden spatula in the bowl of boiling water for up to 20 minutes. You will be shocked seeing how much oil it had absorbed. However, if this trick didn’t work effectively for you, then you can use a mixture of baking soda and vinegar to remove oil from the wooden spatula.

Is a wooden spatula safe for cooking?

The short yet straightforward answer to this is “yes”.

Research suggests that it is completely safe to use a wooden spatula in your kitchen. Wood is non-reactive material and doesn’t add any harmful chemicals to your food. Still, you need to wash the wooden spatula properly after every cooking session to ensure its cleanliness and safety.

Can wooden spatula catch fire easily (how to avoid)?

Undoubtedly, wooden spatulas are flammable, and this may cause the biggest concern for the people who haven’t started using wooden spatulas yet.

Remember, there are a lot of things hanging in your kitchen that are flammable. The only thing you can avoid any mishap is by taking care of your wooden utensils.

Make sure to avoid putting your wooden spatula anywhere it can light on fire. It is important for ensured safety. 

Do bacteria grow easily on wooden spatulas (how to avoid)?

Yes, wooden spatulas are porous. They can draw in oils and liquids from the food you are cooking. However, the best way to remove bacteria from a wooden spatula is to wash it with hot water and soap after cooking. You can use diluted bleach solution as well to disinfect your wooden spatulas.

Does wooden spatula retain the flavor of pungent foods?

Yes, it can, but here are some simple tips to avoid this from happening. Use one spatula for sweet dishes and one for a savory dish. It will prevent you from making your apple pie taste like onion again.

How to choose good quality wooden spatula?

Here are the things that you must look for while choosing a wooden spatula:

  • The type of wood used in wooden spatula making ensures its durability and reliability in the best possible way.
  • Consider the design of a wooden spatula as per your hand shape and size. Consider its length, thickness, and head design to make a more effective choice.
  • Your wooden spatula must be sturdy and lightweight.
  • The beauty of a wooden spatula lies in its simplicity. So, avoid going for a fancy design that will even be difficult to clean as well.
  • Mixing it up with a set of three or more wooden spatulas will also be an amazing option.

Keep in mind that investing in high-quality wooden spatulas will make a difference in your cooking experience. Enjoy an amazing cooking experience with your wooden spatula!


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