Converting Grams to mL (Milliliters) – Most Useful List of Ingredients

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convert grams to milliliters

How to convert grams to Milliliters?

It is possible to convert grams to milliliters if the density of the ingredient is known. Gram is a unit of weight whereas milliliters is a unit of volume. In order to convert grams to milliliters, divide the weight (grams) by the density (g/mL) of the ingredients or substances.

Here is a table summarizing some of the most common ingredients and their respective gram to milliliters conversion.

water (pure)1.000 g/mL10 g10 mL
brown sugar0.823 g/mL10 g12.15 mL
granulated sugar0.849 g/mL10 g11.78 mL
powdered sugar0.511 g/mL10 g19.57 mL
raw cane sugar0.961 g/mL10 g10.41 mL
honey1.420 g/mL10 g7.04 mL
maple syrup1.320 g/mL10 g7.58 mL
stevia0.443 g/mL10 g22.57 mL
all-purpose flour0.529 g/mL10 g18.9 mL
almond flour0.406 g/mL10 g24.63 mL
bread flour0.550 g/mL10 g18.18 mL
cake flour0.482 g/mL10 g20.75 mL
pastry flour0.448 g/mL10 g22.32 mL
whole wheat flour0.478 g/mL10 g20.92 mL
baking powder0.900 g/mL10 g11.11 mL
baking soda0.689 g/mL10 g14.51 mL

The ingredient density can vary between brands. Conversions of ingredients from grams to milliliters in the list above should be used as approximate.

When to use grams to Milliliters conversion?

Not everyone has a kitchen weighing scale at home, especially for those for are beginners who just started to learn cooking and baking. However, most food recipes mention ingredients in grams. Thus, converting from grams to milliliters is very useful for those who have a measuring cylinder instead of a weighing scale.

weighing scale for kitchen

Rookie Mistake to avoid

Assuming grams and milliliters are equal for all ingredients is a rookie mistake for most beginners when they first enter the kitchen looking at recipes and start cooking or baking. Due to the density of water which is 1 g/mL, 1 mL of water is equal to 1 g of water and 10 mL of water is equal to 10 g of water. However, many beginners assume the same conversion for other ingredients or cooking materials and this is not correct because different ingredients have different density.

rookie mistake convert grams to milliliters

How to convert Milliliters to grams?

Milliliter (mL) is a unit of volume and gram (g) a unit of weight, it is possible to convert from milliliters to grams, providing you know the density of the ingredient. To convert mL to grams, multiply the volume (mL) by the density (in g/mL).


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