Asian Foods: Top 70 Most Popular Dishes You Need to Try

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Asian food

In Asian cuisines, you can find dishes that you will like and also remember for a long time. The world of Asian food is huge and is not limited to noodles, rice, and stir-fry dishes. There are many dishes in Asian cuisine that are very popular and delicious. You should try some of them once in your lifetime.

Top 70 Asian Foods

Here is a compilation list of the top 70 Asian foods (the numbering is not ranking position):

1. Vietnamese Pho Soup 

Vietnamese pho soup

There is a boom in Vietnamese cuisine all around the world. Pho is a Vietnamese soup dish consisting of soup broth, rice noodles, herbs and veggies (bean sprouts, scallions, basil, coriander), and protein (usually beef). Condiments for this soup dish include hoisin sauce and lime sauce, chili sauce, and a sweet and spicy sauce made from vinegar, garlic, sugar, and soybeans. Traditionally, Pho bo is the most common dish with medium-rare beef slices served in the hot steaming bowl of broth with rice noodles. Pho ga, on the other hand, contains chicken instead of beef.

2. Tom Yam from Thailand

tom yum

Tom yam is another popular Asian soup and the national dish of Thailand. This hot and sour broth soup with shrimp, chicken, fish, and seafood is also very popular in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. Besides these neighboring countries, this soup is served in restaurants all around the world. The name “tom yam” is widely used to refer to all spicy Thai soups, which may differ from the original.

3. Ramen from Japan


Ramen is a Japanese soup that contains rich broth, wheat noodles, and various additional ingredients. There are a million varieties of ramen in Japan, and it is served both in gourmet restaurants and street food outlets. The basic principles of differentiating ramen are noodles and broth. Ramen noodles come in many shapes and sizes. It can be thick, thin or ribbon-like, straight, or wrinkled. Broths are cooked with chicken, beef, or pork.

4. Chinese Spring Rolls

spring roll

Spring rolls are a typical Chinese dish, but it is equally popular in Japanese, Singaporean, European, American, and Indonesian cuisines. In China, this dish is made on New Year’s Eve, known as the “Spring Festival.” They look like pancakes made of transparent rice dough with different fillings. Usually, they are wrapped with meat, fish, seafood, noodles, as well as vegetables, and fruits as well.

5. Bao Burgers (A traditional Chinese food)

bao burger

The bao burgers these days are the same burgers with an albino bun. In fact, the secret of the snow-white color of the dough is only in the method of making the roll. For the bao burger, they use a steamed bun made according to old traditional Chinese recipes. The steamed bun tastes softer and more delicate, and it also perfectly absorbs the flavors of its filling. If you haven’t tested this Chinese wonder till today, it is time to try.

6. Pyanse a Korean masterpiece


Pyanse or pigodi, is a Russo-Korean steamed pie made from yeast or buckwheat dough stuffed with meat and cabbage. It is noteworthy that although the dish is Korean, the name “pyanse” was invented in the Far Eastern region of Russia, where Asian food is very common. In Korea, these pies are called “wanmandu” which means “royal dumpling”. This dish is mentioned in Changpumdanja – this is the name of the list of dishes of the Korean royal table, which has been kept since the 1300s.

7. Korean Kimchi


Kimchi is another Korean cuisine dish. In fact, these are ordinary pickled vegetables with a hot seasoning – paprika, green onions, onion juice, garlic, and ginger. Often, Koreans ferment Chinese cabbage in such a marinade – they cook it whole, fermenting whole inflorescences. They can also ferment radish, kohlrabi leaves, radishes, lobs, as well as cucumbers, eggplants, and other vegetables.

In Korea, kimchi is considered the main dish, and the Koreans themselves consider this a dietary dish and claim that eating kimchi every day helps to dissolve body fat.

8. Thali – a national dish in India 


If you have not tried Thali, then you have not been to India. Thali is a set meal consisting of rice, chapati, stewed vegetables, lentil stew, and yogurt. Thali could be served as vegetarian or with meat. This is a hearty and varied dish that is usually eaten with hands without utensils. You usually start the meal by eating any of the vegetables (in both curries and dry form) on the plate. Then, you can eat the vegetables throughout as an accompaniment to the rice or chapati. Thali is very tasty and satisfying.

9. Indian Butter Chicken

indian butter chicken

Butter chicken, aka murgh makhani, is one of the most famous Indian dishes. It is rare for an Indian restaurant to not include it on the menu, and few dishes say so much about the chef’s skill. Surprisingly, butter chicken is a relatively new dish: it was invented, as they say, in the middle of the last century, in one of the New Delhi restaurants, when one of the visitors ordered a curry. The curry in the restaurant was over, but there was chicken cooked in a tandoor oven. He used some available ingredients and invented this recipe. Now this recipe is popular worldwide.

10. Thai Green Curry

Thai Green Curry

One of the most popular dishes in Thai cuisine, green curry can definitely change one’s perception that all food in Thailand is fiery hot and spicy. The green curry sauce is different, it is sweet and full of the aroma of herbs. Green curry is typically eaten with rice as part of a wider range of dishes in a meal or with round rice noodles known as “khanom chin” as a single dish.

11. Indian Palak paneer

Palak paneer

If you are vegetarian and want to try a special Indian dish, we will suggest you try palak paneer. It is a vegetarian curry in which the main roles are played by the spinach and paneer. Paneer is responsible for the “meat” component (despite the fact that there is not a single gram of meat in it), and spinach creates freshness and volume. 

12. Larb Gai from northeastern Thailand

Larb Gai

Larb, aka larp or laap, is a dish that is cooked in Laos and northeastern Thailand, where the majority of the population are descendants of the same Lao. According to the European classification, it goes by the category of salads, but this, of course, is conditional: simply there is no such dish as larb in Europe. The description also says little – fried minced meat with herbs does not sound very appetizing, but do not rush to draw conclusions, but just try. The result will be both unexpected and tasty. And, of course, it is not necessary to plan such a “salad” as a warm-up before the main course. It is served with boiled rice, and if desired, it can easily replace a whole lunch.

13. Fish amok from Cambodia

fish amok

Fish amok is one of the favorite Khmer dishes and belongs to the national cuisine of Cambodia. Amok are finely chopped pieces of meat or fish in coconut milk, baked in spices. It tastes nothing special, but amok is unique and worth a try. 

14. Cambodian Curry Soup

Cambodian Curry Soup

This spicy and thick soup can be tasted in both India and Cambodia. Curry soup consists of only meat, potatoes, carrots, and a couple of other vegetables, but thanks to the spices and its density, it is incredibly tasty. You can ask for the meat-free version if you don’t eat it. And if you order a portion of ordinary boiled rice to it, then you will be full to the dump.

15. Russian Mushroom Julienne

Russian Mushroom Julienne

Mushrooms in a creamy sauce sprinkled with grated cheese and baked in a cocotte until golden brown. That’s what mushroom julienne is, and don’t be fooled by its French name. This dish is 100% Russian. If all over the world the word “julienne” is called slicing into thin strips, then here it is a hot appetizer, simple, satisfying, and very tasty. The most delicious, of course, is julienne made from forest mushrooms. During the mushroom season, julienne is a great way to diversify the standard set of mushroom soups and fried potatoes. 

16. Russian Borsch

Russian Borsch

Borsch is the main component of Russian cuisine. Therefore, for tourists visiting Russia, we can advise you to try it at least once. The surprisingly delicious aroma and taste of the soup will not leave you indifferent. Another truly Russian soup that you should try is ukha – a soup made from fish and vegetable broth. Beetroot and cabbage soup pleasantly warms up in winter cold, served with or without meat, potatoes, herbs (usually dill), and sour cream. Accompanied by a slice of rye or garlic bread topped with melted cheese, borscht is usually served as a first course.

17. Russian Salad

Russian Salad

Russian salad is famous all over the world. The basis of the salad is always: potatoes, eggs, peas, salad dressing with mayonnaise or sour cream. The use of fresh and pickled cucumbers will give additional freshness to the salad. It’s no secret that in Russia the salad is called ” Olivier ” ( named after the French chef Lucien Olivier ). It is curious that the original salad recipe was changed, the original ingredients were replaced with cheaper ones. As a result, the preparation of ” Olivier ” became available to a wide audience.

18. Pakistani Biryani

Pakistani Biryani

Biriani (Biryani) is a classic and very popular Pakistani dish, a fragrant pilaf cooked with traditional Indian spices and herbs. It is prepared from long-grain basmati rice (which is characterized by increased moisture absorption – sauces, gravy, broth) and meat (for example, chicken or lamb), and vegetables. There are also vegetarian variations of this dish. Often, fried potatoes in oil are also added to Biriani – this tradition has come from ancient times as a way to save on meat. Nowadays, it is just a tradition, and potatoes are an optional ingredient.

The set of spices for Biriani is extremely rich – it is a composition of more than 15 spices that give the dish its unique special taste. It is the spices that distinguish Biriani from other rice and pilaf dishes. If you like to try spicy Asian food, you must try Biryani.

19. Hebei Chinese Donkey Cakes

Hebei Chines Donkey Cakes
Image Source: CNN Travel

This snack is popular in northern China; it first appeared in Baoding City, Hebei Province. Stuff the flatbread with minced donkey meat to make Luizouhoshao. The appetizer turns out to be satisfying, but not greasy, crispy, and with a pleasant aftertaste.

20. Turkish Baklava

Turkish Baklava

The assortment of Turkish confectionery will drive any sweet tooth crazy. Baklava, the star of Turkish sweets, will always be in the most prominent place. Delicate dough petals and nut filling just ooze with honey. Baklava is very satisfying to eat; just a couple of pieces are enough. And this is a real problem because you really want to taste all types at once! But there are many other desserts. And in pastry shops from Istanbul to Gaziantep, visitors hang out in front of the counter for a long time, choosing what to pamper themselves with this time: pistachio or chocolate nougat, delight made from natural pomegranate juice, sugar tulumba, halva, or lokma in syrup.

21. Kung Pao from China

Kung Pao

The dish Kung Pao ( Gong Bao ) is famous and loved not only in China but all over the world. Pieces of chicken fillet, marinated in sauce and fried with peanuts and dried red chili – in its original version, Kung Pao contains Sichuan Huadjao pepper and a lot of chilies and has a pronounced spicy taste, but in different regions of China and outside the country it is cooked in other variations adapted to the preferences of local cuisines. For example, in Malaysia, the Kung Pao chicken is cooked without peanuts, rarely with cashew nuts. In America, in Chinatowns, you will be offered Kung Pao cooked in a slightly sweet, sticky, and greasy sauce. The western version is most familiar and loved by admirers of Chinese cuisine outside of China. In different regions of China, any types of vegetables are added to Kung Pao – carrots, sweet green peppers, broccoli, water chestnuts, green onions, celery, and chicken is replaced with shrimp, cuttlefish, scallops, pork, beef, or even tofu (in vegetarian cuisine).

22. Turkish Balyk-ekmek

Balyk ekmek
Image Source:

The first thing that the Turks themselves advise to try is “Balik.”  Balik means fish in Turkish. Any fish. So what does everyone recommend to try? It is best to start with balyk-ekmek. And for this, it is worth going to places where fishermen gather – for example, to the Galata Bridge in Istanbul. Freshly caught fish is immediately grilled and served in bread or under lemon juice with vegetables: an absolute delight! You can continue your acquaintance with the “balik” in any cafe or restaurant, preferably on the embankment. There you will be offered many types of fish and seafood baked in pots.

23. Chorbasy from Turkey

Cream soups are especially popular in Turkey. Thick and tender, they are made from a wide variety of foods: pumpkin, tomatoes, shrimp, mushrooms, broccoli, peas, and lentils – you can try a new soup every day. Get in the habit of ordering soup at every cafe. At the very least, you cannot leave without trying the top 3 most colorful local soups: tarhana Chorbasy (a national dish made from dried and ground vegetables, yeast, and flour), noodles soup with green lentils, and giblets soup.

24. Chinese Sweet and sour pork

In Chinese, the dish is called Tansuliji. It is bright orange in color and tastes sweet and sour at the same time. Pork is a staple of Chinese cuisine. In different provinces, the dish is prepared in different ways. For example, Sichuan pork is pork in a mixture of garlic and soy sauce, bean paste, rice wine, and Sichuan pepper. Serve with rice or noodles. 

25. Chicken Gongbao from China

This dish also came from Sichuan province. It contains fried chicken, peanuts, and chili peppers. The dish is very spicy! If you are not a fan of spiciness, but you want to try, then just tell the waiter or the seller. They will prepare it according to your requirements.

26. Iskander Kebab from Turkey

An exciting quest for a trip to Turkey is to try all types of kebabs. The real star among kebabs is Iskander: thinly sliced ​​lamb served with small pieces of tortilla in tomato sauce, ghee, and sour cream. Spicy food lovers will appreciate Iskandar a kebab: abundantly peppery minced meat, fried on a spit.  In Turkey, kebabs are prepared literally in every establishment. It is quite possible that kebabs in a simple street cafe will taste more delicious than a chef in a trendy restaurant. 

27. Deasy from Iran

Abgusht or Deasy is the most traditional and ancient Persian dish. Deasy is a thick lamb or beef soup with onions, beans, chickpeas, potatoes, garlic, and tomatoes. Traditionally it is cooked in ceramic dishes – tall pots. Persians often eat abgusht in 2 stages, drain the broth and eat it with pieces of a flat cake soaked in the broth. The remaining thick is pounded until smooth and consumed, spreading on flat cakes.

28. Guō bāo ròu – Chinese Crispy Fried Pork

This iconic dish of northeastern Chinese cuisine is made with pork. First, the pork tenderloin cut into slices is marinated, coated with starch paste, and fried until golden brown, poured with sweet and sour sauce. The dish turns out to be crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, sweet and sour in taste. If you ever visit the northeastern part of China, you must try this recipe.

29. Irani Kebab Cubide

Translated from Farsi, “cubide” means chopped, and “kebab cubide” means chopped meat cooked over coals. Minced meat consists of the neck of a ram with the addition of fat tail fat, onions, and herbs to taste. When roasted on well-prepared coals, the heat instantly forms a crust that prevents the minced meat from falling off the skewer. This is also a must-try food from Iran.

30. Kalepache from Iran

This is a rich soup common among the inhabitants of Iran, the Middle East, and the Caucasus. The name Kalepache comes from the northwestern Farsi dialect, where “kale” means head, “more” means legs. This dish is served mainly in taverns, which specialize in preparing only this Soup – Kalepazi. The products necessary for cooking Kalepache are lamb or veal heads, legs, and entrails. Cooking takes a whole day. In the morning, the cook is delivered the ingredients for the soup. Before lunch, he cuts and prepares the raw materials for cooking, starts cooking at lunch, and the next morning the Kalepache is ready.

31. Wontons from China

Since the Tang Dynasty (618 – 907), it has been a tradition for the Chinese to eat wontons on the winter solstice. One of the common forms of wonton is the triangle. In this case, wontons are similar to Italian tortellini. Usually, wontons are stuffed with minced pork or minced shrimp, boiled in water, and served with broth. But sometimes, wontons are also fried. 

32. Afghan Kebab

Afghan kebabs are most commonly found in restaurants and outdoors. The most widely consumed meat is lamb.  These kebabs are served with naan and rice. The quality of the kebab depends on the quality of the meat. Chunks of sheep tail fat (jijeq) are usually added with lamb skewers to add extra flavor. These Afghani kababs gained their popularity worldwide. If you haven’t tried these kababs yet, we will suggest you try them at least once. You will not regret it.

33. Coconut curry with chicken and cashews from Afghanistan

Rice, chicken, a little coconut milk, a bouquet of aromatic spices, a little nuts, and a little garlic for a sophisticated taste – this is how masterpieces are born. Coconut curry is the star of the local cuisine and is the first thing to try when visiting Afghanistan. And if you eat curry, you will get something like our shawarma, but hundreds of times tastier.

34. Sri Lankan Jaffna Cool Crab Soup

Crab soup is the dream of any gourmet; you will dream of its taste for a long time, reminding you of magical tours to Sri Lanka. A soup is made from fresh crabs, tiger prawns, chili paste, and rice. A little tamarind will make its taste even richer and more versatile. But the main thing is that flour is a special one made from palm roots. Now this Sri Lankan soup is served in various countries. If it is available in your country, you should try it.

35. Lamprai Rice Roll From Sri Lanka

Rice is a staple in Sri Lanka. Hundreds of delicious dishes can be prepared from it. And Lamprai is a vivid proof of this. This is local fast food, but no burgers and cheeseburgers can match it. For the filling, boiled rice and minced meat are used, which are wrapped in banana leaves and baked. The secret of the dish is to boil rice in broth with curry spices.

36. Singaporean Crab Chilli (Chili Crab)

Crab Chilli is the King of Singaporean National Cuisine! It is a crime to visit Singapore and not try it. The crab is served in a deep bowl filled with a sauce based on ginger, onion, garlic, sugar, pepper, tomato paste, rice vinegar, and flour. Don’t worry; it is only “chili” in words, it is not a very spicy dish! Order buns or mantou with your meal to dip in the sauce – it’s incredibly delicious.

37. Singaporean Rice Chicken (Chicken rice)

Hainanese chicken rice is another national dish in Singapore that is sold on every corner: food courts, five-star hotels, and even a zoo. Pieces of boiled or baked chicken are served with aromatic crumbly rice, chopped cucumbers and sauces, and a cup of rich broth. It’s a must-try!

38. Indonesian Goreng Mee (Mi Goreng)

Originally from the island of Bali, this dish is spicy noodles with seafood, eggs, chicken, or tofu topped with oyster, soy, and royal shiratcha sauce. Typically in Asia, it is quite spicy, but you can ask for a less spicy version for you. Mee Goreng should be sprinkled with lime juice. By the way, this food is a great option for brunch after a hectic party.

39. Singaporean soup of fish heads (Fish head soup bee hoon)

Despite its unusual name, it is one of the most interesting and authentic Singaporean food. It is made from freshwater fish called toman (“snakehead fish”), which is boiled in milk sauce with a handful of fresh vegetables. Fans of this dish will gnaw a fish’s head with passion, sucking on every bone. However, if the dish seems a little shocking to you, then you can always order the option with fish fillets or fried pieces of fish – such versions of the soup are no less popular.

40. Kabsa from Saudi Arabia

Kabsa is a dish made from rice with spices, vegetables, and meat. There are countless recipes for this dish, and each is unique! It can be made from lamb, chicken, fish, shrimp, and even camel meat. We’ll recommend you to try this dish if you ever visit Saudi Arabia.

41. Peking duck from China

This is Beijing’s main delicacy and one of the most famous Chinese dishes – definitely worth a try. It is pre-baked in a special oven under a honey crust; the duck is cut into ultra-thin slices and served with crispy tortillas and sauces. Due to the laboriousness of the cooking process, it makes sense to try this dish only in proven restaurants that specialize in it.

42. Dumplings from China

There is no one who is unfamiliar with this famous Chinese food. This dish is popular around the world because of its interesting recipe and delicious taste. Dumplins are prepared from a thinner text and steamed in special wooden bowls. Fillings are very different – meat, vegetable, seafood, or a mix of meat and vegetables. The Chinese love that the filling is already a little spicy, and the dumplings themselves are always eaten along with spicy sauces.

43. Chinese Dim sums

Dim sums are somewhat similar to dumplings – they are round burgers that are also steamed, but they are sweet. As many years of practice show, the most delicious dim sums are sold on street stalls. So, we recommend that you feel free to try.

44. Dragon Beard Candy from China

Do you like dessert! It is a cross between brushwood or cotton candy. The sugar strands are stretched like noodles, then rolled and stretched again, cut and wrapped around peanuts, sesame seeds, or chocolate. If you try it once, you will definitely try it again and again.

45. Chinese Spicy Chicken

The pepper is mixed with chicken pieces and sprinkled with sesame seeds. Chicken pieces are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, with a sesame aroma and a pungent taste. Try it; you will surely like it.

46. Indian Tandoori chicks

In India, the cow is considered a sacred animal, and in most states, it is forbidden to eat it, so the locals replace beef with chicken. This recipe was first invented by the inhabitants of Punjab. Chickens are marinated in yogurt with chili and hot cayenne pepper and baked in a special tandoori oven that looks like a cauldron. The poultry meat is tender and juicy. Tourists who enjoy this dish can buy a special spice mixture called tandoori masala, which is sold in almost every grocery store in Indian resorts.

47. Indian Lassi

India is primarily associated with black tea. The traditional tea drink in India is masala chai, with the addition of milk and spices. The second popular drink is lassi. It contains yogurt, sugar, salt, spices, water, and fruit. Beat all ingredients thoroughly and add ice.

48. Makki ki Roti and Sarson ka Saag from India

Corn flour bread (Makki ki Roti) and mustard leaf and spinach dish (Sarson ka Saga) together are staple food in the Punjab region of India. This dish may not seem particularly appealing, but the taste is rich and may well suit your taste preferences. It is the best option for vegetarians.

49. Indian Sambar soup

This is a famous Indian soup with lentils and vegetables. It is hot, spicy, sour, and sweet at the same time. This soup contains a lot of vitamins, as it contains an incredible amount of different vegetables: eggplants and carrots, tomatoes and pumpkin, tamarind, and green beans. Mustard seeds, coconut flakes, cumin, turmeric, curry leaves, and ground coriander add a spicy Indian flavor to this dish. If you Love indian cusine, this dish is perfect for you.

50. Haejunguk from Korea

Given South Korea’s love of alcohol, it should come as no surprise that its hangover treatments are well developed: drinks before drinking, drinks after, a variety of spicy and stews and soups.

The dish is made from beef broth with cabbage, bean sprouts, radishes, and chunks of frozen bull blood. The rich taste works wonders: it will easily stir you up in the morning.

51. Soft tofu stew from Korea

The popular stew is a classic example of unexpected flavor combinations that deliver delicious sensations. The tofu cheese is cut into chunks in a stew, retains the clam flavor, and softens the overall spiciness. Served in traditional pottery, the shape of which keeps the heat inside. The raw egg is added to the stew after serving, and there it is brought to full readiness.

52. Chimek from Korea

Chimek is another one of the most popular dishes in Korea, loved by people of all ages. It is a simple combination of fried chicken and beer. Separately, neither chicken nor beer is anything special, but together they bring wonder!  Chicken can be simply crispy, or it can be served with sweet and sour sauce.

53. Gopchan from Korea

Gopchan is made from the small intestines of pork or cattle, which are cut into pieces. It can be found in soups or as a standalone grilled dish. Most Gopchan lovers in South Korea prefer it with soju (sweet potato or grain-based vodka). This Korean dish may seem strange to you, but it tastes delicious.

54. Chuatan (one of the top Soups in Korea)

This spicy soup is more like a roast in its consistency. Mashed potatoes are boiled to the point of being unrecognizable. The soup itself is named after silt fish, which is the main ingredient. Bean sprouts, dried radish greens, sweet potato stalks, and, of course, thin, thin cabbage leaves are also added to the broth.

55. Pork and shrimp soup from Taiwan

On all sides, Taiwan is surrounded by seas teeming with seafood, which are prepared in various snacks that have become an integral part of the island’s culinary tradition. One such dish is pork shrimp soup, the staple food at the night market. The dish is usually prepared from shrimp potage, seasoned with stewed pork and potato starch, which is added as a thickener and flavor enhancer. A scoop of black vinegar is added to sweeten the soup and make this delicious dish.

56. Taiwanese porridge

When you ask Taiwanese about their best childhood memories, older people often start talking about traditional porridge. Crystal clear rice, slices of meat, fish cakes, and chopped red onions in porridge symbolize a simple lifestyle. If you want to try one Taiwanese food, we will recommend this one.

57. Horhog from Mongolia

Horhog is one of the most interesting lamb dishes. Cut meat with bones is laid in layers with stones heated over a fire, water and spices are added to the cauldron. The lid is hermetically closed and put on an open fire for a short time. The meat cooked in this way has excellent taste. It is impossible to try this dish in a restaurant, only in the company of nomadic Mongols in the open air in the steppe expanses.

58. Baursak from Kazakhstan

Baursak is a traditional dish of Kazakh cuisine and also very famous among Asian cuisines. The recipe for this sweet dish is simple; these are deep-fried dough pieces. Usually, Baursak is made from unleavened or yeast dough. If you ever get a chance to try this Kazakh masterpiece, you must try it! 

59. Sushi from Japan

Sushi is a traditional Japanese dish made with thin slices of raw fish and rice mixed with vinegar seasoning. Sometimes the fish is placed on small triangles that are molded from rice, but mostly they are rolled into a roll of seaweed (nori) and rice, after which the roll (rolls) is cut across in circles.

60. Tempura from Japan

Tempura is deep-fried seafood and vegetables in batter. Tempura is served with a variety of specific sauces. The most common vegetables used are potatoes, bell peppers, onions, and bamboo. Shrimps are especially popular for preparing Tempura from seafood. If you want to try something new and delicious from Japanese cuisine, you must try Tempura.

61. Unagi from Japan

Unagi is a grilled eel dish with sweet BBQ sauce. According to legend, unagi is the ideal remedy for the sweltering heat of summer in Japan. This delicacy from old Japan is a delicious traditional Japanese treat served in most eel restaurants. Fresh eels, from which unagi are prepared, are only available from May to October.

Interesting fact! Unagi has a lot of nutrients, contains a lot of protein and vitamin A. Eel meat is low in calories, it contains a lot of polyunsaturated fatty acids, as well as trace elements such as calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, and zinc. So, besides delicious taste, it is also a healthy food for you.

62. Boshi Mashuni (Banana Flower Salad) from the Maldives

Somewhere between salad and salsa, boshi mashuni is a blend of shredded, fresh coconut, blanched banana flowers, and spices. This dish is incredibly fantastic with limes, onions, and Maldivian chilies, with a zesty background thanks to curry leaves, turmeric, and cumin. The dish is also impressive and healthy.

63. Kulhiboakibaa from the Maldives

For a very long time, Kulhiboakibaa, or traditional fish cake, has been an essential part of Maldivian cuisine. This dish is trendy during holiday celebrations and during evening tea drinking. The cake is prepared with thick rice paste, spices, tuna, and coconut, both young and old. We guarantee that you haven’t tried this kind of cake before.

64. Tinola Filipino soup from Philippine

Probably the most soothing Philippine soup, “tinola” contains chicken pieces, baby papaya, moringa leaves, and lots of ginger. The chicken is gently simmered until the meat begins to separate from the bones and the aroma of ginger penetrates every sip of the broth. We recommend trying this soup on a rainy day.

65. Syrian meatballs “Kibbe Hamda”

Syrian cuisine is a fusion of Arabian, Caucasian, and Mediterranean culinary traditions. Syrian “Kibbe Hamda” is one of the famous dishes in Syria. Small meatballs stuffed with pine nuts are made from ground beef. Then they are lightly fried and thrown into the tomato sauce prepared in advance. It is easy to make; you can get all ingredients from any local store and make this dish at home.

66. Kibby Lebanon

“Kibby is a generic name for dishes that include fresh mutton or ground beef and bulgur, a cereal made from boiled, dried, and crushed wheat. In various versions, these dishes are widespread in the countries of the Middle East. And the Lebanese emigrants even managed to bring them to Europe, America, and other parts of the world.

67. Mamul from Lebanon

“Mamul is a crumbly flavored cookie that the Lebanese make on the occasion of a holiday. You can buy it in the store, but every homemaker must have her own correct recipe. It is based on semolina, nuts, rose water. For making cookies, special patterned molds are used. Mamul is well stored without losing its taste, so it can be baked and frozen for future use. “

68. Cha Shao Pork

Pork in Cha Shao sauce has long become one of the national Hong Kong dishes that can be tasted in cheap street cafes and expensive restaurants. Pork Cha Sho is a tender pork fillet fried with honey and spices. As a rule, it is served in thin slices with rice and vegetable.

69. Moon Cake (or Tuebin) from Hong Kong

If Cha Shao pork in Hong Kong’s national food, Moon Cake is Hong Kong’s national dessert. In general, Tuebin is considered a Chinese dessert, which is traditionally eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival; they are presented to friends and colleagues, they are treated to them in shops in Hong Kong. As a rule, moon cakes are round or square, they are made from shortbread or puff pastry, but the fillings are different. The traditional filling consists of egg yolk and lotus seed paste, but there are other options, such as chocolate or fruit. When you cut the moon cake, the egg yolk resembles the moon. It is believed that the most delicious moon cake can be tasted in Hong Kong only during the Mid-Autumn Festival. If you want to try it at home, you can get various recipes online.

70. Ais Kacang from Malaysia

Shaved ice is very popular among Asian desserts, but it is best found in Malaysia with Ais Kacang, a mix of shaved ice, beans, fruit, ice creams, and syrups. Ingredients in the recipe may vary, but the traditional mix comes with red beans, grass jelly, sweet corn, and cubes of agar jelly.

Food in Asia is not limited to this list; of course, there are hundreds and thousands of top Asian food. We are waiting for your comments, what is your favorite dish, and what you would advise to try, both a vegetarian and a “meat-eater” from Asian cuisine.


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