Teriyaki Chicken – Do You Use Teriyaki Sauce or Marinade?

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Teriyaki Chicken

What is Teriyaki Chicken?

The Teriyaki Chicken is a bit salty, a bit sweet, a bit sour dish with the lightest aroma of ginger.  This dish is particularly what you’d love after a long day’s business supper. Place your plate in front of you with a side of steamed rice and broccoli and serve it to your mom so she may be proud that you are eating healthy and balanced meals. You can swap with any other sort of protein, but not limited to dark meat, pig, beef, or tofu. The taste you get from the teriyaki chicken is irreplaceable!

Do you have to marinate Teriyaki Chicken?

The marinade is an important step in making teriyaki chicken because this is what makes your chicken juicy and tender. It is recommended to marinate the chicken before cooking, however, it is totally up to you. You can use teriyaki sauce later if you don’t want to marinade chicken.

For the best results, marinate the chicken with teriyaki marinade for at least 1 hour in order for the flavor to be absorbed into the flesh. Do not marinate the chicken longer than 8 hours as the acidity in the teriyaki marinade will start to change the texture of the chicken.

Is Teriyaki Sauce the same as Teriyaki Marinade?

Teriyaki sauce and marinade are not the same things. The main difference between teriyaki sauce and teriyaki marinade is the way in which each is used to flavor the meat. Marinating chicken, beef, and fish in a Teriyaki marinade is a slow, thorough process, allowing the teriyaki sauce to infuse itself into the flesh. Teriyaki sauce is normally used to flavor meat instantly. Teriyaki sauce is usually used while cooking the meat on a grill or wok. The teriyaki sauce is also commonly used as a side condiment for any cooked meat, especially with delicious BBQ dishes.

Even though Teriyaki sauce and marinade are two different things, they are similar in many respects. Two different ingredients enhance the taste of a wide variety of meats and noodle dishes. Sometimes, both Teriyaki sauce and marinate are used together in a single recipe. You can marinate meat and later cover it with a finishing Teriyaki sauce, or you can inject the meat with Teriyaki sauce and slowly marinate the meat before cooking. Both techniques guarantee a rich taste of Teriyaki in every bite.

How to make Teriyaki Sauce at home?

Follow these easy steps to make teriyaki sauce at home. In a bowl, whisk together soy sauce, brown sugar, ginger, garlic, mild honey, salt oil, mirin, and cornstarch water. Once the mixture has thickened, transfer it to a small saucepan and let it cook for about 4 minutes. After 4 minutes, check the consistency, and your sauce is now ready! You can store it in a jar or the refrigerator for up to two weeks. The flavors will turn out great over time. So enjoy this amazing homemade teriyaki sauce with your Teriyaki Chicken!

How to make Teriyaki Marinade at home?

It is really easy to make teriyaki chicken marinade at home. Combine white sugar, garlic powder, ground ginger, and salt in a medium bowl. Combine Worcestershire sauce and low sodium teriyaki sauce in a mixing bowl. Continue stirring until all of the dry ingredients are evenly mixed. You can use the resulted marinade to rub on the meat. After covering with plastic wrap, leave the chicken in the refrigerator for a few hours.

Can you consume Teriyaki Marinade raw?

It is not recommended to consume Teriyaki Marinade raw. The Teriyaki marinade is usually used to marinate the meat for hours in the refrigerator. Consume the Teriyaki meat once it is baked on heat using a frying pan, grill, or inside an oven.

How to marinate and cook Teriyaki Chicken?

  1. Pour the Teriyaki Marinade on the chicken and rub the marinade all over the chiken.
  2. Store it in a plastic bag and seal the bag while removing as much air as possible.
  3. Refrigerate the meat with the Teriyaki Marinade and allow to marinate for hours.
  4. When the marinated meat is ready, bring the grill to medium heat and cook it (about 375 degrees).
  5. Grill the chicken to 165° C on a pan in heated oil until the chicken turns brown.
  6. Pour the Teriyaki sauce into the pan once the chicken is almost done and let the sauce cook and simmer until it is thickened.
  7. Serve the Teriyaki chicken while it is hot. If required, garnish with spring onions and sesame seeds.

How long to marinade Teriyaki Chicken?

Marinate chicken for best results and flavors for at least 1 hour to enable time to absorb flavor. Ideally, don’t let the chicken marinate for more than 8 hours because the acidity in the marinade begins to react and change the texture of the chicken meat.

What happens if you marinate chicken for too long?

The taste will not penetrate the meat if you don’t marinate it long enough. However, marinate chicken for too long will cause the meat to be soft and soggy. Practice and experiment with the marinate timing until you achieve an excellent marinade that gives you flavor and perfectly cooked moist chicken.

Do you rinse marinade off the chicken before cooking?

Once you apply marinade on the chicken and leave it for some hours, the ingredient will penetrate well inside the chicken pieces. As a result, the chicken becomes tender, juicy, and full of flavor. There is no need to rinse off extra marination from the chicken. Put everything on the baking tray and leave it in the oven as it is. The extra marinade will form a sauce-like texture upon chicken which tastes good as a whole.


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